Friday, July 6, 2012

Frock Fridays

{av}'s challenge for us this week was to sport the red, white, and blue - which I am, in a way!  I was blinged out for the 4th in my sparkly American flag earrings, but there's no reason to stop wearing patriotic colors just because it's no longer Independence Day.  After all, I love this country all the time.

But I also love other countries sometimes, and sometimes happens to be tomorrow.  My mother and her friend have a subscription to the ballet, and I get to go on Saturday since Mom is out of town.  We'll be seeing The Paris Opera Ballet perform Giselle at the Kennedy Center and I'm beyond excited.  I'm not really a dance person, to be honest, but there's something so beautiful about the ballet, like reality is suspended for every jump and twirl.  Plus, Giselle is one of the most French pieces out there, and I need a little je ne sais quoi in my life right now.  (Sorry, couldn't help myself.)

While all the little girls in the audience will be wearing bows and sequins, I might have reached the age where tulle and taffeta is a bit creepy.  I think I'll stick to a classic shiftdress paired with a smart blazer - because the Kennedy Center is unbelievably chilly especially in the height of summer - and cute sandals, simple studs, and a grownup bag.

So for today's Frock Fridays, let's celebrate...

bleu, blanc, et rouge

[ dress / blazer / earrings / bag / shoes ]


  1. have fun at the ballet - I'm so jealous!

  2. i hope you had fun at the ballet - this look is perfect!

    - lauren


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