Monday, July 9, 2012

Becoming a Forever Home

This is Snickers.  Snickers was the best dog a family could hope for.  I can't even - I cry every time I try to describe him, so all I will say here is that he had the squishiest face and that we loved him very much.*

We got Snickers as a little puppy when I was nine years old.  My memory is that there were three males left to be claimed, and the breeder explained that one was show quality, one was breeding quality, and one was pet quality.  (I'll give you one chance to guess which we picked.)  My whole childhood was wrapped up in Snickers; when he died in September 2008, we were devastated.  However, at that point he had been really sick for a while, so saying goodbye was the kindest thing we could do.

Snickers can never be replaced, but we're finally ready to move on and start again.  That's right - we're getting another lab!

Our application to adopt a rescue lab been approved, and we are over the moon.  We knew we didn't want  a puppy, so the best way to get a grown-up lab was to adopt one; there are so many amazing dogs out there and the idea of them waiting for their forever families breaks my heart.  (Actually, just the phrase "forever home" makes me tear up, but that's because I'm a total pushover when it comes to dogs.)  We submitted our application a few weeks ago, got interviewed by a coordinator who then checked our references and talked to our old vet, and are now going through the process of talking to foster families to find a good match.

These are our paramaters:
- aged 1-2 years
- under 60 lbs
- moderate energy, outgoing, and loving

We really don't care about color as personality is more important, but most of the doggies who have fit the above requirements have been black.  I'm sort of happy about that because it will mean that s/he won't even try to be Snickers, though Snickers was a big boy at 90 pounds so I doubt we'll get confused anyway.  We've got some conversations with a few foster families scheduled for this week and they tell you to bring a collar and leash when you go to meet the dogs in case you fall in love, which means that we might have a new lab by the weekend!

Don't you want one, too?

*Sorry, Mom and Sarah, if you're reading this at work; you're probably crying anyway and I know it's awkward to be messy at your desk.


  1. Um, you have ME crying at my desk at work!!!! I am so excited for you and can't wait to see who you end up with! :)

  2. ugh i was with stewart in spain when poor snickers passed away :( i cry now too.

    also not sure at all why my post name is trincoll. i cant seem to change it.

  3. I'm so excited for you guys! As a mom of two rescues, I can honestly say they are the best! And good call not going with a puppy - soooo much extra work and energy, not to mention the fact the older dogs get overlooked more often! Yay for you and Yay for the lucky pup you take home!

  4. Love this!! We are big fans of adoption, as our two shelter-puppies can attest to, 7 and almost 9 years later. (By the way, they moved with us to England three years ago, and the process has gotten even easier since then!) I'm so happy for your family- also, did you know that in the SE large black dogs are the last adopted? Some shelters that are horrendously overcrowded will even euthanize them (and pit bulls of any color) when their hold period is up, to make room for more-likely-to-be-adopted dogs. It's really heartbreaking, and I know some pet-families that will only adopt large black dogs to counter this statistic. Sorry for the downer on your fantastic news post, but I wanted you to know the extra joy of saving a large black dog's life- not that any adoption is less in love!! Congrats, and I can't wait to read all about your soon-to-be family member!

  5. You know how I feel about labs! Henry send his love to his new cousin to be and to you all.

  6. My boss has a rescue black lab whom he brings to work every day and I LOOOOVE her! She is so awesome.


  7. This is so exciting!! Can't wait to "meet" your new addition! Mendi has two chocolate labs and my brother has a black lab. They are all so sweet!

    Jayme @ HLNC


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