Thursday, May 17, 2012

Moving in Numbers

Remember how I've mostly been bopping around town for the past few weeks, waiting for my time in London to wind up?  Well, I bop no more.  Instead, I am a moving machine.  Suddenly, I realized that I'm  headed back to the States in two weeks and I have a lot to get done!  This week has therefore been consumed by arranging all the bits and pieces that go into packing up and moving out and flying across.  (Can't beat that as an excuse for my lack of posting, right?)

Moving to London wasn't too complicated, though maybe that's because life was simpler back in 2010.  Uprooting everything I've built here is a lot trickier - and I'm only talking about the physical, not the emotional!  I seem to have amassed a lot of stuff over the past two years, and now it all has to go... somewhere.  Luckily, I've managed to divide all of my belongings into four lots: things that come home with me, things that go to Jon's flat, things that will be stored at Jon's parents' house, and things that get sold.  If you're wondering what this looks like by the numbers, read on.

10. days left in London (plus one day in Suffolk and three in Wales)
9. cookbooks to be stored in the UK (how will I survive in DC without them?)
8. large plastic boxes from Argos (each of which will be neatly labelled, natch)
7. goodbye lunches/coffees/drinks in the diary (saying goodbye is expensive and delicious)
6. pairs of boots that I'll pick up when I next visit London (not necessary for an east coast summer)
5. rolls of bubblewrap (filched from my mother's collection when I was last in DC)
4. items hawked on Gumtree (which will fund all of my goodbye outings)
3. trips it will take in Jon's dad's car to get everything out of my flat (what a hero)
2. weeks until I fly into Dulles (30 May to be exact)
1. professional cleaner hired to put my flat back to rights (scheduled for the last possible moment)

Are you exhausted yet?  I am!  But there's no rest for the weary - or the wicked - and so on I go, laden with packing tape and permanent markets, into my final days in London.


  1. Sorry I haven't commented in a while. Hope your last weeks here are great and relaxing. And good luck with the move back home I wish all the best for you. Please keep blogging! :)

  2. It's all so exciting for you and I can see how happy you are to go home. I've loved reading about your adventures here and remembering how I once felt when i first moved here so long ago. Please do keep blogging, would be most interesting to see how youo ease yourself back into 'home'.

  3. I can't wait to see you and catch up when you're back in DC! Good luck with the final 2 weeks :)

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