Monday, May 21, 2012

Monday Musings: Commencement

I haven't written a Monday Musing in a while, but I've been inspired recently by commencement season.  Memories of my amazing and challenging tenure at Columbia University always come flooding back at this time of year, as my various newsfeeds explode with proud announcements, celebratory photographs, and inspiring speeches; four years ago last week I graduated from college, and my experiences there helped shape me into the woman I am today.  There's no way that, when I lugged boxes into my freshman dorm room, I could have imagined that I'd now be where I am.

Of course, I had dreams; I had hopes and ambitions and aspirations.  But one thing that I've learned in the four years since graduation is that, if we live life to the fullest, we mature and our dreams are forced to keep up.  When we chase our dreams with integrity and determination, we evolve, and our dreams must therefore do the same.  Achieving our dreams is a measure of success, but we should also be proud of their development and especially of their flexibility.  We should dream for who we will be, not who we are, and we should always be optimistic about the adaptability of our dreams - for if our dreams change, it means that we are already on our way to attaining them.


  1. I love the blogs new look and I love this post. I am defintely the type of person who goes after my dreams and makes them a reality but I've noticed how they evelove and mature and what I find interesting is that my dreams evolve in a way where I will obtain an even better situation. For example, for a while I wanted to go to patisserie school and it wasn't happening and I wanted to settle for any school. Over the past year I've gotten very clear that I will got the the cordon blue when the time is right because I don't want to settle for less, due to the direction I'd like to take it.


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