Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Goodbyes

As I mentioned yesterday, today is my annual pilgrimage to Glyndebourne.  This will be my fourth time going - I was introduced to the concept by my extremely generous grandparents in 2009, and have been lucky enough to go every summer since with a likeminded group of friends.  It's yet another perfect way to say goodbye to some of those I love most dearly in a quintessentially British setting.  (If you're a new reader, you can check out past Glyndebourne posts here, here, and here.)  We'll be seeing La Cenerentola, a Rossini opera, directed by Sir Peter Hall.  Alas, I haven't been privy to the menu machinations this year, but I'm expecting marvelous things - plus, I was asked to bring a cheese board and port, which always bodes well for the general tone of the picnic.  Rumor has it that there was some disagreement over an appropriate fish course, but I'm optimistic.  (Yes, we really can be this obnoxious, but no, we don't try to make a habit of it.)

Speaking of food, I've offered to cook a goodbye feast for Jon and his flatmates tomorrow night.  It will be my last night in London, and I want to do something to thank them for their love and friendship, especially as I've been living in Jon's flat recreationally for the past year and full-time since last week.  Because I'm missing Memorial Day in the States, I thought it would be fun to make a classic American summer menu: I'm planning slow-cooked ribs marinated in Jack Daniel's sauce with tzatziki potato salad and corn on the cob.  Dessert might be a chocolate oreo ice cream cake, if we're feeling really decadent, or possibly just berries and cream.  Either way, I'm excited!  You know that cooking for people is my way of saying "I love you," and this will be my last opportunity - for a while, anyway.

It's crazy to think that I was saying goodbye at exactly this time two years ago, too.  Memorial Day weekend 2010 was the stage for my leaving party just before I flew east across the Atlantic, and now I'm headed back.  So much love to all of you, dear readers, for always following along.


  1. Ohh sounds like fun!!!
    Ok, I totally love your blog! The header is so cute! So awesome that you get to travel like that on a regular basis...I'm uber jealous, girl!
    Anywho, I'm totally following :)
    Taylor {CoverGirl and Converse}

  2. Aw, enjoy your last two evenings, and your time with Jon. I know how hard it is :) Lots of hugs!

    (And I love your header too, who did it?)

  3. You are really ending your stat right and I love that! I am eager to hear what your plans are coming up with the engagement and all!


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