Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Jet Planes and Circle Games

All my bags are packed; I'm ready to go.  I'm standing here outside your door.  I hate to wake you up to say goodbye, but the dawn is breaking, it's early morn, the taxi's waiting, he's blowing his horn - already I'm so lonesome I could die.

Okay, enough of that.  Too much cheese!  But I couldn't help myself.  After all, today is D day: the day I fly back to the US.  All my bags really are packed, and the taxi really is waiting, but Jon's coming with me to the airport, thank God, to see me off.  (If you're at Heathrow Terminal 1, make sure to smile and wave comfortingly at the sobbing mess of a girl in a pink dress - it'll be me.)

I actually have had a Joni Mitchell song stuck in my head for the past week or so, one of my favorites from summer camp.  I'll leave you with Circle Game, along with much love and thanks for all of your support through this rollercoaster ride.  I'll see you on the other side of the Atlantic!


  1. Goodbye Betsy! This continent already misses you :(

  2. Have a safe trip - you'll be back before you know it! Enjoy reuniting with your family and enjoying the start of the US summer (reminding you of all of the good things that await you!!)

  3. Have a safe trip! xo

  4. Our heart breaks a little for you. It's so hard to imagine how hard this is for you. Time flies though, so just know that the time apart will be brief in the long run. Safe travels back to the states. We'll see you in a few days. ;)

    Mendi & Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings


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