Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May Day

Really, actually.  How is it May?  It was just winter, and now it's spring!  Wait, I guess that is how it happens, usually...

I've got an incredibly busy month ahead of me: I'm trying to fit in so many last moments before I move back to the States in four weeks.  But I suppose it's for the best that May will be a whirlwind - I'll be having too much fun to mope about leaving London!  Hopefully this warm sun will stick around so that I can truly enjoy spring in this magical city.  And then?  Then we've got summer in DC!

Onwards and upwards, dear readers.  Happy May!


  1. Typical - I've only just found your blog and now you are going! It's a great read. Have a splendid May and I hope that you fit in many last minute moments in England to take home with you. x

  2. whirlwind moments aka SEE YOU ON FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Happy May! April for me went by so slow cause of all the rain but I'm hoping the energy picks up for May...your next while seems super fast!

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