Monday, April 9, 2012

Holiday Weekend Laze

Despite the fact that we've been wearing our coats and scarves since mid-last week, this holiday season has been lovely in all the best ways.  Today is our last day at Jon's parents' house, and we've had a wonderful visit.

There have been contemplative walks through the countryside...

fierce Easter egg hunts...

gorgeous blooming flowers...

and solitary runs in the heath, boisterous viewings of Pixar films, delicious feasts of matzah ball soup and honey-glazed ham, and lots and lots of family and festivity.

On Easter Day, Jon's cousin remarked that it felt like I'd always been part of the family and - when I recovered from the compliment - I realized I couldn't have agreed more or been more delighted.  Much love to all on this bank holiday Monday, though apologies and courage being sent your way if you're at work today!


  1. I got warm tinglies when you mentioned Jon's cousin's remarks...doesn't it make you feel like you are so on the right track!?

  2. Lovely pictures! :) Glad to hear you had a good time!


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