Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Candy

Alright, we've had our serious conversation about Easter - let's discuss candy!  Jon's family always does a massive egg hunt in the garden on Easter morning, and the children (of which I am proudly one) are sent out to search for chocolate while the adults enjoy tea and leftover hot cross buns.  I'm really excited, but if I were to find some candy-colored accessories waiting for me under a bush or up a tree, I'd be an extra-happy camper...

easter accessories
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Did you receive any treats this weekend?  I'm full of chocolate and cheer, and I hope you are too!


  1. Certainly did get some (and I wrote about it on my blog)...and I'm glad you did too!

    I'm actually glad to read this post...a part of me thought I was too old for Easter candies! :D

  2. Yummy! I would have loved a good easter egg hunt. My yummy treats were a lunch of duck, potatoes and asparagus...mmmmm! And my bf knows me so well, so he bought me an organic chocolate bunny!


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