Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Yes, dear readers, it's Pi Day.  If you're a mathlete, you know that on this day, March 14, you should eat pie at 1:59 on honor of the symbol π, which equals 3.14159 (and then continues on forever).  If you're more of a liberal arts scholar, like I am, you should eat pie all day.

I'm not a pie expert, but if I had made a pie today it would have been this one from Bon Appetit.  On a breezy and sunny pre-spring day, there's nothing better than lemons and gingersnaps to clear the cobwebs from winter.  Just look - isn't it a slice of a cloud?

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  1. mmmm reminds me of the limoncello cheesecake I made with that ginger snap crust -- I testify before all of your blog comment readers that it is A PERFECT flavor combo :)


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