Thursday, February 16, 2012


Or, as you might have guessed: what would Kate Middleton do?

I really don't mean to keep teasing you about this, but I do have to tell you that things are still very much up in the air.  At the moment I'm feeling more or less like a duck: all seems smooth and serene on the surface though I'm paddling like mad under the water.  I have many serious decisions to make in the next few weeks that are constantly being affected by movements beyond my control, which means that I currently don't even have a clear picture of my options.

So, until I gain a fuller appreciation of what choices are available to me, I'm going to have to keep repeating the below mantra to myself.


It's a lot harder than I expected it would be to keep all of this from you, dear readers - I love sharing myself with you and your support is always so encouraging, which is why blogging is lovely - but, unfortunately, I think I'm going to have to stay mum for just a little while longer.  In the meantime, though, I'm so comforted by the fact that you're here regardless!  Thank you.

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