Friday, February 17, 2012

Frock Fridays

Jon and I are heading to Suffolk tomorrow for the weekend and to the southwest coast of Ireland next Thursday for a short holiday.  It'll be lovely to get away and I'm looking forward to both trips, but the seaside at this latitude in February is a bit bracing.

That's why, although I know I'm so lucky to have these breaks in the diary, I'm dreaming of jetting off somewhere warm!

 My first proper vacation with Jon was in early April 2009, just before Easter.  (We booked the flights in December after having only been dating for two months - very optimistic!)  We went to Turkey; the majority of the trip was spent in Istanbul and, after a long and slightly disastrous bus ride east, we finished the holiday with a couple of gorgeous days on the Lycian coast.  An outfit like this would have been perfect for meandering the streets of the city or the hills of the countryside in the breezy spring warmth...

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  1. I'm in hard-core, love with that dress! Such a perfect colour and I love the fedora and flats you paired with it!:)

  2. i love this color. it seems to be the 'it' color this spring. it is EVERYWHERE.

    cute blog! i'm your newest follower!


  3. I adore this outfit. The green dress makes me drool it's so lovely!

  4. Awesome outfit ensemble, I love the handbag! Have a great/safe trip!

  5. Ahhhh you will love it! I studied abroad in Ireland & got to go to the coast on the west side and in northern Ireland & it all is absolutely breathtaking!!! I wanna go back soooo badly! :) Hope you have a fabulous time! And cute outfit! ;)


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