Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Hampton Court Palace

On Saturday, Jon and I spent the day at Hampton Court Palace, one of the royal residences for 200 years from the 16th century.  It retains features both inside and out from most eras it has seen; our favorite apartments were those of Henry VIII and William of Orange.  Some of areas were closed for restoration - including the Great Hall, unfortunately - but we loved exploring the palace and the grounds.  We even got lost in the maze!  Though it was a mostly cloudy day, I managed to go a bit Instagram-mad...

I'm back at work now, but I'm so glad that I had last week to rest, relax, and clear my head - and to take in so much of London!

Note: there are many attractions in and around London (including Hampton Court Palace) that offer two-for-one deals on entrance tickets if you use National Rail to get there.  Find the full list here - it's a great deal, so take advantage if you can!


  1. I've read about Hampton Court Palace in Phillipa Gregory novels! I'm so jealous you got to go :-)
    The next time I'm in London, this is definitely on my must-see list!

    1. We met Henry! He told us how he had his eye on his next wife, Katherine Parr, even though she was still technically married to Lord Latimer! You would have loved it :)


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