Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Weekend in Numbers

Okay, actually, this is more like a Week in Numbers post... or possibly a Month in Numbers post... or possibly... well, you'll see!

10: number of times I promised myself that one day I will work (in costume, hopefully) at Colonial Williamsburg while watching The Duchess on TV on Saturday night.

9: number of weeks until the end of the financial year at work.  As I work in fundraising, I feel absolutely no pressure on this front.  None whatsoever.  (Insert nervous giggle here.)

8: number of times I told Jon that we should have our free photoshoot in the gardens at Hampton Court Palace if we win Reverie's competition.

7: number of times Jon ignored me when I told him that we should have our free photoshoot in the gardens at Hampton Court Palace if we win Reverie's competition.

6: number of weeks since I last worked an eight hour day for five consecutive days.

5: number of weeks I have been successfully doing the NHS Couch to 5k program

4: number of fabulous American expats I met up with last week.  It was lovely to meet Karen over lunch in Westminster on Thursday and I had dinner with AT, Ashley, and MVC on Friday in Chelsea - so much fun!  (Yes, I cropped myself from this photo.  Too much sushi!)

3: number of Cream Cheese Braids I scarfed at/after breakfast on Sunday.  On the plus side, I didn't add the sugar glaze.  On the minus side, they were huge; this is 2/3 of one.

2: number of weeks until Jon and I go to Bar Boulud for Valentine's day!  We're going on Feburary 17th, not the 14th - that's just how we roll.

1: number of days until February.  How did that happen?  And why have I seen a daffodil blooming already?  Basically, what is this world coming to?

I hope you all had a lovely weekend, dear readers, wherever you are!


  1. So glad you had such a great day at Hampton Court and congrats on week 5! I can't wait for our race in March. Maybe it will be warmer by then? Maybe?

    1. Thanks! Tomorrow's run will be scary... but I can do it! The race will kick my butt if I don't :)

  2. the cream cheese bread looks delicious!!! cute blog :)

    1. thanks, Jin! It's pretty easy to make, but you do have to factor in the resting time - which I forgot to do! Oops.


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