Thursday, December 22, 2011

Talk To Me, Harry Winston

Jewelry is such a tricky present to give and receive.  Men often don't understand the significance that a little box can have to a woman, and women often don't know how to explain the meaning behind preferred styles and pieces.  Jewelry needs to be bought with the heart as well as the wallet, and communication is the key to unlock both - so I've been leaving these adverts all over the place, hoping that Jon will pick up the hint...


There's no way he can misunderstand that blue, right?  Well, I can hope.  After all, diamonds are a girl's best friend!

Also, please join me in wishing my amazing father a very happy birthday today - he has taught me to never give up on my beliefs and dreams and shown me that commitment and passion go hand-in-hand with hard work and dedication to achieving one's goals, which has stood me in good stead during my transatlanticism.  I love you, Dad.  (The Puppini Sisters were chosen especially for you, you know, on the recording in this post.  Enjoy!)


  1. Happy Birthday, David! You have a great wife and great kids! And you're not half bad yourself.

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