Friday, December 23, 2011

Frock Fridays

I emailed Jon's aunt to tell her that I was going to make latkes at Jon's mother's house on Christmas Eve.  This was the exchange that followed:

AUNT: oh yes!  we plan to have christmas, hannukah, and possibly chinese new year...
BETSY: oh boy.  I'm going to need a very versatile wardrobe for this visit!
AUNT: god i spend the whole time in the same jeans and sweater!!! you must lower your standards to our levels...

Basically, this means that, unlike the Duchess of Cambridge, I won't be required to wear an evening gown to Christmas dinner.  However, you know that I'm overdressed for every occasion, so this festive frock from Anthroplogie might be as casual as I can bear:

Isn't it great?  Classy but not stuffy - to be worn with pearls studs, almost definitely, and my silver stacking rings, plus black opaques and maybe my Sam Edelman snakeskin flats.  (With five cousins running around plus a dog or two and a couple of cats, heels are definitely not an option.)  What do you think?

The GIVEAWAY ends tomorrow - make sure you enter before 10pm GMT on 24 December!

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  1. dude, i've been drooling over that dress for weeks! did you see the way it cowls in the back? swooooooon...
    (ps since i'm commenting from my blogger account: it's anne, from insanity and english literature. i'm distracting myself from work today with your blog. hi!)


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