Friday, November 18, 2011

Frock Fridays - Versace for H&M

I'm loving the current craze for designers to create capsule collections for high street shops.  Although the prices are more affordable than the couture lines, they're still often a bit out of my range, but they're close enough that I can dream and drool!  (Hello, Roksanda Ilinic for Debenhams... would you like to be my friend?)

Yesterday the biggest and brightest of these collaborations launched in the UK: Versace for H&M.  Women were apparently queuing for hours to guarrantee they'd snag their chosen pieces from the store on Regent Street.  (You can access the collection on the H&M website, but I only got through once out of the eight times I tried because the web traffic is so out of control.)

Versace is a little too in-your-face for me - I know, gasp, I'm sorry; I'm clearly not a true fashionista - but if I could get away with wearing this studded leather number to the office I definitely would.  Hey, I work in theatre - we're a creative industry!

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  1. I do love that dress, though I wasn't as impressed with the Versace collection as it seems everyone else was. No way I would stand in the queue for 24hrs-CRAZY!

    Of course if Armani Privé or Dior did a H&M collection I would start the queue right now :)


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