Monday, October 24, 2011

Monday Laugh

You're all aware: I'm a Democrat.  Though I will always vote with my party (there's a saying about the devil you know beating the devil you don't) there are definitely some Republican politicians who I respect and some Republican policies that I'm willing to listen to.  I'm even willing to admit that, sometimes, the Democrats that we've elected to lead us are being absolutely ridiculous.

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That being said, we've got a bumper crop of Republicans fighting each other for the nomination, most of whom on their best days are really a bit silly.  They're been debating each other for the past few months, both officially and unofficially, getting increasingly more aggressive as we get closer to the convention in August 2012.  One thing that they almost universally agree on, though, is that the federal government has overstepped its mandate and that we should be focusing on states' rights.  Whenever I hear that argument - which is heartbreakingly mentioned in this BBC article about child abuse in the US - I think of President Bartlet.

Can we have it back, please?


  1. The current argument in the States about "big government" drives me crazy. (And those same people think nothing of asking for federal aid when their trailer homes are whipped up by the latest tornado by the way.)
    The welfare of a child shouldn't be dictated by where it's born. There is nothing wrong with a country that decides it has a responsibility to look after every child born therein.

  2. Couldn't have said it better myself, Betsy (btw, what movie is that?) But I'm afraid that while you languish ; } over there in civilization-land, I and my like-minded compatriots – 'the 99%', if you will – are facing the unfaceable: business as usual. RH


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