Sunday, October 23, 2011

Exercise: From Bed to Couch

Well, last night was a bit of a mess, dear readers.  I mean, I think the event went well - I left early so I'm not sure, but all signs were positive - but I was so disgusting that my boss backed away and shielded her face every time I approached.  Finally, I suggested that I might be more charming to our guests if I was not actually at the theatre; she agreed and I fled back to bed.

At the moment I'm curled up under a duvet on the couch with the detritus of illness around me - tissues, mugs, The Amber Spyglass, my hot waterbottleenough pillows to occupy a Pottery Barn showroom, a pot of honey that I am literally eating with a spoon to soothe my throat - and am blogging feverishly while the rugby final plays quietly in the background.  (Note to self: stop googling "what is the difference between pneumonia and bronchitis."  It is not helpful.  Instead, focus on the ruggers; google "dieux du stade calendar 2012."  Ah, yes, that's better.  Vive la France!)

Speaking of NSFW websites, I have a confession for you all: I have a secret blog obsession.  It's really pretty embarrassing, but my flu-inflicted delirium is telling me that I have to come clean.  Okay, are you ready?  I compulsively read Cosmo's fictional blog.  I know, it's terrible.  I can't defend myself, so I'm not even going to try.  But it's just so juicy!  There's so much dramz.  Love it.  Even if it is totally made up.  It's sort of perfect for sick days - and all other days.

Now that I have bared all, I think it's probably time to sign off.  Keep well, and send me healthy vibes through the interwebs!


  1. Must you have confessed about Cosmo? You have me hooked!

  2. I think we are suffering from the same cold going round London. Hope you are feeling better this week.

    Now off to continue reading that cosmo blog!x


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