Tuesday, August 16, 2011

It's Okay To Be Arrogant In Oxford

... according to my host Fiona.  In fact, she said, approvingly, it's practically a requirement.  Good, I replied, because I will be taking lots of photos and at least 20% of them will feature moi.

I will let the images do the talking in this post, though please indulge me for a little recap:

I arrived around noon on Saturday to warm temperatures but an overcast sky.  As I've been to Oxford several times before, we made catching up our priority rather than sightseeing, though we did traipse around town for most of the afternoon just for my camera's sake.  We lunched at a lovely pub just on the edge of town and spent the evening at Fiona's college bar with her friends.  Sunday was pure laziness as we whiled away the morning lingering over breakfast and the newspapers, and I headed off around midday.  It was a wonderful weekend, and I'm counting down the days till I go back in December for the winter ball!


  1. OMG! We were in Oxford this past weekend. I mean HOW could we have possibly have missed each other!? It is not like it was INSANELY touristy... or anything :)

  2. Ah! I wish I had known! We'll have to independently plan another trip to the same place :) Let me know when you next come to London!


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