Sunday, June 26, 2011

Verano En La Ciudad

London enjoyed a glorious 28* today with hardly a cloud in the sky.  It's a sign that I'm acclimatizing, I think, that I can't imagine being happy with higher temperatures than this - even though 28*c is only 86*f, far lower than I've experienced in either DC or New York - but regardless the summer gods seem to be smiling on us, for this is what the next few days look like:

London isn't going to know what to do with itself.  Thank God there's a day of light rain factored into the schedule or the natives might spontaneously combust!

We took advantage of today's gorgeousness by checking out the Rioja Tapas Fantasticas festival on Potters Fields Park, just at the south end of Tower Bridge.  Entry was free (bonus!) though £3 bought you a glass and tokens for four samples of wine.  You could, of course, buy more wine on your own either by the glass or by the bottle; my friend Patrick and I got tired of waiting in line for tastes and ended up grabbing a bottle of white (Evo, it was from this vineyard and we found it light and refreshing; Christian, I hope this tactic sounds familiar to you because you taught it to me) and finding two chairs in the shade.  Alongside the wine stalls - representing 28 different vineyards - were food stalls from Spanish restaurants all over London.  I snagged a delish paella and also made off with a plate of Manchego and jambon - perfect pairings for the wine.  Of course, a DJ was in residence as well.  Can't have an outdoor summer festival without some jams, you know.

See?  Heaven...

I hope you've all had a lovely weekend and that it has been filled with sunshine, friends, romance, and - claro - some rioja.


  1. I love Rioja but mostly I love red wine sangria! Perfect for summer time. Loving this sun and 75 degree weather down south. Better than the 90 degree temps in DC! I don't miss the sweltering humidity of the east coast at all. Looks like you were enjoying the weather and festivities!

    Amanda :)

  2. I think life should ALWAYS be filled with Rioja. Love!

  3. Gotta love the wine fairs! Come home so we can go to another one here- I'll hook you up better this year :)


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