Thursday, June 9, 2011

Get Thee To - The Cult of Beauty

Because I'm supercool, I was invited to a private early morning viewing of the V&A's special exhibition "The Cult of Beauty: The Aesthetic Movement 1860-1900."  (Okay, no, I'm not supercool - well, I am, but not because of this - I just know a guy.  It helps to work in the arts, you know.)

I wasn't allowed to take photos in the exhibit and so I can't show you any images of the stunning works, but I absolutely recommend you check out the website with information and images about/from the show and also the exhibition itself, which is open until 17 July.  Every piece featured was gorgeous - the movement was all about rejecting the industrial revolution and embracing beauty for art's sake.  I have to admit that I am easily bored by shows that only incorporate one medium, but as this included furniture, paintings, books, spoken poetry, architecture, and drawings, I was mesmerized.

If you need a cultural outing in London in the next month, put this on the top of your list!


  1. This is definitely on my list, although I wish the exhibition prices were just a teeny bit more wallet friendly. Last weekend I went to the Watercolour exhibit at the Tate Britain which totally blew my mind and is well worth the visit (I have linked my name to the post I wrote about it)

  2. To be honest, Michelle, I got in for free! But if you have one of those Art Pass cards I think the show is half off. Definitely something worth investigating!


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