Friday, June 10, 2011

Frock Fridays - Work Events

Evening work events and big meetings have been coming out of my ears recently and more are on the horizon, and so although my office is relatively causal - we are a theatre, after all, and vaguely artsy though not crazily hip - I am having to make a bit more of an effort than usual in the mornings.  (No, this does not mean I wake up earlier and/or plan my outfit the night before.  It means I hop around my flat five minutes after I was supposed to leave with one heel on while wolfing down an English muffin and rummaging for a cardigan and zipping up the third dress of the process.  Don't lie, this happens to you, too.)

In that vein, I'm loving these three jewel-toned dresses from one of my favorite oh-my-God-I'm-grown-up-and-need-appropriate-clothes stores: Hobbs.  At £150 each (ish) they're a bit out of my price range, but aren't they perfect for day-to-night dressing?  Great colors, great shapes, great detailing.  I'm smitten.  Hey, you know, my birthday's coming up in August...

jewel-tone work event dresses

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  1. Uhooi,,
    Waw,, It's a nice dress and beautiful,


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