Sunday, June 5, 2011

Busy (Opera and Zoo) Bee

Ah, London in the summer.  Is there anything better?  Well, when the weather cooperates, at least!

And boy, has it been cooperating.  Back when we had that heat wave in April (how is it June already, by the way?  I'm not ready!) everyone - and by everyone I mean every native Brit - told me to take advantage of the sun because it wasn't going to last.  Fie, I said!  (I'm not actually sure what "fie" means, but it seems appropriate here.)  I have faith in the weather gods.  Spring will become summer, and it will be glorious.  (To everything - turn turn turn - there is a season - turn turn turn; as they say.)

Lo and behold, it is summer, and it is indeed glorious.  The past few weeks have been gorgeously sunny and warm (with the exception of last Thursday, when it poured biblically) and we've all been frolicking outside as much as possible: Monday was the trip to Kew Gardens, Tuesday saw a Glyndebourne outing, and on Friday night Jon and I went to the London Zoo.

Trix aren't just for kids - and the zoo isn't either, it turns out.  In fact, on Friday nights during June and July, the London Zoo in Regent's Park is open only to adults. Entry is £18/ticket (Jon and I got ours for £9 each from LivingSocial, natch) and from 6-10pm you can check out the animals and party; we saw lions, tigers, monkeys, and exotic birds before I decided it was time to investigate the bar and food situation.  They also have a silent disco, an amphitheater show that featured a standup comic and a burlesque dancer dressed as an elephant and a fire-eater, a live band, and lots of adult-friendly zoo-related activities.  We had a great time, and I'd definitely recommend that you put this on your to-do list if you find yourself in London on a Friday night!

Glyndebourne, obviously, was a blast as well.  We saw Mozart's Don Giovanni, which was amazing - the title character was a perfect snake-oil salesman, Zerlina was sassy and sexy, and the consciences (Don Ottavio, Donna Anna, and Donna Elvira) weren't nearly as annoying as they unfortunately can be.

But - you devoted readers will remember this from last summer - Glyndebourne isn't just about the opera.   It's about the whole experience: dressing up in black-tie, making an extravagant picnic, enjoying the sound of popping champagne corks, and having your car break down in the parking lot during your attempted departure.  (Wait, what?  Yes.  Oops.)  Lovely...

posh much?

ah, pop!

don't mind if I do...

duck breast salad with peaches and a raspberry vinaigrette (nom)

What adventures!  I fear this coming week will be a bit more tame, alas, though two evening work events in three days will be good for my wallet.  How about you, dear readers - do you have any good plans ahead?  I hope you're having beautiful weather wherever you are and that you're taking advantage of it!


  1. I'm totally sending this post to a friend of mine who is planning a few days in London. Good stuff!

  2. A silent disco is when everyone has headphones - they can be listening to the same music or completely different stuff - and they dance all together to the music they're hearing. It's so much fun!


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