Saturday, April 30, 2011

Major Event

The roadsigns around my house for the past week have warned against driving into central London on 29 April because a "major event" would be disrupting traffic.

A "major event," really?  I think that wins understatement of the year.

I'm assuming you watched the royal wedding - if you didn't, we might not be able to be friends anymore.  I turned on the TV at 10am and admired all the hats walking into Westminster Abbey (you can see a slideshow of them here) but, obviously, was really waiting to catch a first glimpse of the dress.

Oh, sigh.

Of course I cried when she walked down the aisle, and then I teared up again when they sang Jerusalem.   I've decided now that not only will I need to get married in an Anglican church - for the music, natch - but that also I will need to have trees in the church.  And possibly pageboys.  That's normal, right?  Hm, maybe not...

Yesterday afternoon I had a few friends over for a garden party.  (Thanks, Kate, for arranging some sun; it was very helpful.)  I might have gone a bit overboard with the baking - I made savory muffins, a mushroom and shallot quiche, a lemon-lavender cake, an almond cake, and a Victoria sponge cake as well as my chocolate cookies - but no one complained.  We drank Pimm's in the garden for hours.  What a wonderful way to celebrate the wedding!

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