Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Dating and Blogging

I've tried several times now to write a follow-up post on dating in London - and I've hit delete every time I've gotten close to something half-decent.  I'd really like to tell you about my adventures, but I can't for a couple reasons:

1. Jon reads this blog
2. my grandmothers read this blog
3. my dates read this blog

Damn technology.  Nothing's private anymore - nothing!  Yargh.  Silly me for broadcasting my life, I suppose.  I do like sharing myself with all of you, whoever you are, but I guess I might have to draw the line somewhere, at least for now.  Hopefully one day I'll be able to revisit this time and together we'll be able to laugh about the inappropriate dates (notes to self: an ex is an ex for a reason, and a friend is a friend for a reason) and the bad dates (notes to self: just because we ordered the same drink at the bar doesn't mean we're soulmates, and your secret live-in girlfriend is not an attractive feature) and the good dates that went nowhere (notes to self: I'm not doing anything wrong, and someone will come along eventually).

I was revisiting thxthxthx the other day and I found this note.  I like it.  It's me, at this moment.

I'd like to write my own thank you note to my heart.  Maybe one day, when I have the courage, I will.

What would you say to yours?

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