Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thanksgiving Weekend Recap

Oh my goodness - so much to recount!  I totally overbooked myself on this trip home.  Unsurprising, because there were so many people I wanted to see, but not very restful or relaxing.

For lack of a better way to present the weekend, I'm going to share it with you in (mostly) photos.  Here goes!

It was such a wonderful day.  Amazing food, obviously - the menu included the turkey, two kinds of stuffing (veggie-friendly and sausage), cranberry sauce, brussels sprouts, baked sweet potatoes, roasted pumpkins filled with something yummy, apple tart, pumpkin cheesecake, and pecan pie. (And let me tell you, we veni vidi vici'd that meal.)  Another highlight was how well Jon did, considering he was meeting some relatives for the first time and considering how holidays with lots of family members can be pressure-cookers.  I ditched him with various relatives for long stretches (sorry, Jon!) and he was a rockstar throughout the evening.  I ended up passing out at 9pm - either from jetlag or from tryptophan.  Who knows?

Aunt Jo, Mom, and Sarah

me and Jon

Nana, arranging flowers

Uncle Seth, the official photographer

Sarah and Uncle Markie being culinary

Friday, during the day, I ran errands and did a little Black Friday shopping - hello, 40% off at Banana Republic before noon!  Happily, I also got to spend a few hours with the girls I babysat when I lived in DC.  In the evening, Jon and I met up with Christian and Alex at a wine bar on U Street before heading to dinner in Dupont and then out to our high school's annual Young Alumni reunion.  I have to admit that, although I've gone to the reunion every year since I turned 21, it makes me more uncomfortable than anything else - I'm still friends with the people I want to be friends with, and the rest I'm content to gently stalk on Facebook.  That's normal, right?

Jon and Evo

Ashley and Christian

Jon and Christine

This party, held the Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend, is an annual tradition at the Morris household, and I've been lucky enough to attend/participate for the past few years.  It's epic: over a hundred guests of all ages congregate to eat, drink, be merry - and sing Christmas carols!  The Christmas season doesn't start until we've belted out the Hallelujah chorus around the piano.

The Morris children - Ed, Gillian, and Rob

The last day in New York (oh yeah, we went up to New York for the weekend, sorry, might have forgotten to mention that) Jon and I ran around seeing friends and family - wonderful to catch up with you, Grandma and Aunt Ruthie!


All in all, an amazing trip.  I am so glad to have seen (most) of the people I miss so much!  Not sure when I'll be back in the States, but I'll keep you posted.

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