Monday, November 29, 2010

Monday 29 November (and a Laugh)

4:45am - wake up
5:30am - picked up by the shuttle bus to take us to IAD
6:15am - arrive at IAD
9:45am - depart IAD for LHR
10:15pm - arrive at LHR
12:20pm - arrive at home

My body has no idea what time it is, what meal it's supposed to be eating, or whether it should be awake or asleep.

In short, my body is [expletived] the [expletive] up.

You'll get a full post very soon on my activities since Thursday (complete with photos!) but as it's still vaguely Monday, let me give you the weekly (sort of) Monday Laugh:

The Tube is running a good service on all lines.

Haha!  Get it?  It's a joke, see, because when we arrived back in London we were welcomed by a Tube strike - the fourth in as many months!  Haha!


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