Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Royal Wedding

I was never one of those girls who fantasized about marrying a prince.  I've never been obsessed with royals (unless we're talking pre-Renaissance monarchs, in which case I could probably tell you more than you care to know about them).  But yesterday, the following happened:

scene: open-plan office in London, mid-afternoon
Betsy: (loud squeal)
English colleagues: What's wrong?  Is everything okay?
Betsy: William and Kate are officially engaged!
English colleagues: (silence)
Betsy:  Guys, this is a big deal!
English colleagues: (silence)
Betsy:  Hello?  A royal wedding?  This is epic!
English colleagues: Okay...

Why is it that Americans are going crazy over this wedding and the Brits don't seem to care?  Sure, the media on both sides of the Atlantic is all over the engagement, but most English people I speak to seem to care more about who's going to pay for the whole shebang and how it's going to disrupt life in London than anything else.  Interesting.

Well, I warn you right now: I am going to go wedding crazy between now and the fateful day, whenever that may be.

Just like when, as a chorister, I sang at weddings and judged them mercilessly, I am going to hang on every word written about the engagement, the planning, and the wedding.  And you're going to get to hear about it.  Lucky you!

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