Sunday, October 17, 2010

Anniversary Memories

I take a full week to celebrate my birthday, so why not take at least a few days to celebrate my two-year anniversary with Jon?  Inspired by two of my favorite expat blogs, 'Cross the Pond and Pond Parleys, I'm going to tell you our "how we met" story - the PG13 version, anyway!

The story starts with a date.  No, not a date with Jon - a date with another boy.  I had arrived in London on a rainy Tuesday at the end of September in 2008, and by that Friday had snagged a date with an English lad with chiseled cheekbones and a BBC accent.  The date, on the Saturday night, went well.  In fact, it went very well.  It went so well that when this boy called me on the following Monday, the last thing I expected to hear was, "I'm sorry, but my old girlfriend and I are getting back together and so you and I can't be anything."

I was crushed.

Luckily for my heart, though, that same night I met a girlfriend for drinks.  I poured my soul out to her and, after far too much wine, she suggested that I head with her to her boyfriend's flat because the boyfriend's flatmate was single and, she suggested, I could flirt with him and thereby feel better about myself.  "He's a little scruffy," she said, "but he has beautiful eyes."  It sounded ideal.

To the boyfriend's flat we went.  Flirt I did - successfully, it must be said.  Three days later he friended me on Facebook.  A week after that he asked me on a date.

So here we are, two years on, and I couldn't be happier.  I would say that the rest is history, but the rest is yet to come!

The very first photo of the two of us - 28 October 2008

(A full recap of our weekend in the Lake District will be posted soon!)


  1. A great story, and a lovely picture! Hope you had fun in the Lake District, it is so beautiful there!

  2. That's such a fun story! I think I am going to start calling my apartment my flat. It just sounds cooler.


    Ha, scruffy with beautiful eyes. That does sound like Jon! ;)


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