Sunday, September 26, 2010

Cultural Differences, Part Two

All of that being said, I definitely have moments here in which I think, "Toto, we're not in Kansas anymore."

For instance, I'm having a very English afternoon.  Jon and I had tea at a café on the King's Road in Chelsea and then argued with a bus on the way home.  (Very English, arguing with buses.)  I'm currently sitting in the living room with Jon, John, Sam, and John's fiancée Lucy - we've just watched the David Attenborough documentary on invertebrates.  We now have on a Youtube video on of Look Around You: Water.  Look Around You is a British series, made in 2002, mocking '70s nature documentaries.  I've only seen the water one, but I think that most of them are online - you've got to check them out.  At the very least, watch this one:


"What are birds?  We just don't know."

So Toto?  We're definitely not in Kansas.


  1. Hey Betsy, I hope you're joking when you say it was "made in the 70s" -its actually a very modern spoof of 70s education.

    It was actually produced in 2002! (and there are a few clues in the video like the sign at 1.16 in the school -clearly a modern sign).

    Hilarious video though :)

  2. Adam, you're right! I put the subordinate clause in the wrong place. Thanks for correcting me - I'm glad to have such careful readers :P I'll fix it now! xx


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