Saturday, July 3, 2010

Whether Weather

It has been absolutely gorgeous ever since I arrived here - the weather has been sublime.  It's rained a few nights and been a little cloudy a few days, but for the most part it's been sunny and in the 80s.  (They're predicting that this might be the driest year England's seen since the beginning of record-keeping in 1910.  I don't mind!)

We took advantage of the weather today by heading down to Clapham, our new neighborhood, and having lunch in a beer garden and strolling through the common.  The common was full of life - groups of boys playing football/soccer, families picnicking, girls laying out to get tan... it was a great people-watching walk.  It's great that you can find these totally open green spaces in the middle of London!  And, come August, we'll be living between two commons, Clapham and Wandsworth, so we'll be spoiled for choice.

We also took the opportunity to walk down our future street.  It's lovely and quiet - very residential, but has enough of a presence to have a bus run down it, which will prove very handy.  I saw our building, too: it has zero curb appeal.  It's not bad - it looks like a standard low apartment building - but I wouldn't look at it and think, "Yes, I want to live there."  Jon promises me that the inside more than makes up for the outside, though, and in the end that matters more.  I can't wait to see it!  We move in one month from today.  Woop!

I have to say, though, that getting to Clapham and back was a bit of a pain.  You see, weekends are when TFL does all of its track maintenance.  It's with a sense of irony that you hear the announcers recount the litany of line closures and maintenance, and then close with "There is a good service on all other London underground lines."  I know it's good that they're fixing things and making the system safeer, but ARGH!  Jon and I have a joke: we say in the announcer's voice, "There is no underground service," as they're making their announcements.  You have to laugh - there's nothing else to do about it!

Tonight: dancing at the Blues Bar.  Tomorrow: 4th of July party.  Happy weekend, everyone!

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