Friday, July 9, 2010

Seeing and Viewing and Sighting

Two big things happened today: I viewed my new flat and I saw a new friend!  Woohoo!

First, the flat.  I love it.  Love it.  Like I said before, the building has zero personality on the outside, but I may have been to harsh.  It isn't ugly, it's just pass-over-able when you walk by it on the street.  Inside, though, it's great.  The reception room (living/dining room) is sizable, though I'm itching to move the furniture around to open up the space more.  The kitchen has tons of cupboard space and includes a gas stove (hate electric stoves) and - wonder of wonders - looks out onto the communal garden in the back.  Our bedroom is huge, with a lovely sleigh headboard and two (two!) built-in wardrobes.  The whole place gets a lot of light, which is what sold it to me in the pictures online, but what the photos didn't show was - drumroll please - the patio.  The patio!  It can fit probably a small grill and a table with two chairs and there's a trellis mounted on the wall.  I'm going to go crazy about this patio and its possibilities re: entertaining and gardening.  (And, as always, Tiny-Ass Apartment and Apartment Therapy will be right beside me.)  Can't wait to move on on 4 August!

The new friend: I took the plunge last week and cold-emailed a fellow expat blogger, AT, to see if she wanted to hang out.  She did!  We had a lovely lunch today in Chelsea, and I very much look forward to exploring London more with her.  Yay for new friends!

Tonight Jon and I are hieing ourselves to his family's house in Suffolk.  It will be a weekend of barbeques, sailing, and sun.  I'll take lots of photos!  Happy Friday, everyone.

(Last night I saw Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London, on Oxford Street at midnight!  How exciting - my first London celebrity sighting!)


  1. I love your blog! I've been back and forth from DC to England for love and planning a permanent move in less than a year! Just trying to read about other bloggers' experiences with similar situations! Hope all goes well with your job!

  2. Thanks, Amanda! I've started to read your blog, and look forward to hearing about your adventures.


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