Saturday, July 10, 2010

Country Air

Even though I've only been in the UK for two weeks (16 days today, to be exact), I think I qualify as an honorary Brit.  The number of times in the past week I've moaned about the weather - though it's been absolutely gorgeous from a DC perspective - is atrocious.  And on the train out to Suffolk last night I couldn't stop talking about how great it was to get out of the city and into the countryside.  What am I becoming?!  A Brit, I guess.

On of my favorite things about English summers is that barbecuing becomes the national past time as soon as the weather turns nice.  Pubs, patios, and gardens all seem to bristle with grills the minute the mercury goes above 20*c (that's 68*f for you Americans!).  It's been in the upper twenties for nearly two weeks now, and I've lost count of the number of barbecues I've attended.  Seriously, it's like everyone is taking advantage of the weather while it lasts, but everyone is stunned that it's gone on this long and here people don't really knows how to pace themselves in terms of enjoying summer!  I'm definitely not complaining, but it is a bit of a difference between the England and the US.

Last night, our first night out of London, we went over to Jon's friend's Natasha's house for - can you guess? - a barbecue and a bonfire.  Such a fun night!  The crowd was mostly made of Jon's childhood friends, including John and Sam, with whom we'll be living next year, and it really is exciting to be accepted as part of that group.  I feel like it's just as important to become part of your partner's family of friends as it is to become part of their real family.

Tonight will be another barbecue, this time with Jon's parents and aunt and uncle.  We've been enjoying the sun pre-barbecue by dozing outside; I snagged a supersweet hammock that's perfect for a lazy afternoon!

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