Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Dec Arts Are Hot

Yesterday I visited the Wallace Collection - it's a relatively small museum, but visually a bit overwhelming.  There's just so much in every room!  Paintings, sculptures, furniture - it makes me happy just thinking about it!  My favorite room was Lady Wallace's boudoir.  It's a very feminine space, filled with delicate writing desks and paintings of women and children.

I can't show you the space here, but, if I could you'd see four writing tables in this one room.  Obviously they weren't all hers, but they do give you an idea what was fashionable at the time.  I'd like to imagine that Lady Wallace set aside time every day to correspond with far-flung friends in that room on at least one of those dainty desks.  Ah, letter-writing!  I didn't bring any stationery with me to London, and so as soon as I find some that I love I will write letters to all of you - email me your addresses, please!

I unearthed the most beautiful writing desk on the Christie's website.  (Their "Furniture and Decorative Arts" category is totally drool-worthy.)  It's early 19th century - a little later than what would have been found in Lady Wallace's boudoir.  Look at those lines!  So simple, yet so elegant.  Certainly I would be motivated to write letters if I had this writing desk.

I would also be motivated to write letters if I had pretty stationery.  What's that, you say?  Where might I find pretty stationery?  Well, now that I'm in London I have a new (okay, not so new) and very expensive love: Smythson.  It's absolutely out of my reach.  Sigh.  Guess I'll have to stick with Paperchase for now for my stationery needs...  But still!  Send me your addresses!


  1. If you need another museum to check out go to the Museum of Brands & Advertising in Notting Hill. It's nothing extravagant but interesting. You can tour it in about an hour.

  2. Paperchase may be more budget friendly but I miss it like mad when I am in the states. I can spend hours in there!


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