Thursday, June 17, 2010

Rocking Out

The concert last night at Wolf Trap was absolutely amazing!  Great friends, great music, great weather - what a wonderful way to take my mind off of everything.  (If you haven't been to Wolf Trap, go!  Even if you're just visiting DC - it's so worth it.  Such a great venue.)

My friend Liz organized the whole evening as a last hurrah before she and her boyfriend move to San Francisco.  We were a fun bunch of nine - we all brought blankets and picnic food and wine and made a party of the night.  (I made lamb and my favorite orzo salad with feta and tomatoes.)  There was eating and drinking and lots of general merriment - and that was even before the John Butler Trio started!

Oh man, the John Butler Trio.  They.  Were.  Fantastic.  We listened to their CD in the car and I liked them, though I wasn't terribly bowled over.  But live - live they were electric.  I have to admit I don't know which were my favorite songs since I wasn't familiar enough with the band to recognize any, but there was one instrumental piece that was wild.  I found it on YouTube:

Isn't it incredible?  So much energy!  Yowza.  Needless to say, we were on our feet the whole time they were playing, dancing away like banshees.  (Do banshees dance?  Or do they just howl?  Oh well.)

What a great night - thank you, friends!

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  1. You must go to Wolf Trap Opera before you leave! Go to whatever's on now. It's always amazing :)


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