Monday, June 14, 2010

Monday in New York

I am in a very good mood today, which is surprising because things lately have not been going my way, as you know.  What might be the cause of my excellent humor?  I will tell you.

a) I am in New York!  My family is from here, I went to college here, I have friends here - the city is a home to me.  I wouldn't want to live here for my whole life, but I feel like I belong here anyway.  The energy of the city infuses me with... well, with energy, even though the weather is pretty dull.  I'm only here until Tuesday afternoon, so if you're here and I am not seeing you, forgive me, but I don't have much time.

b) I went to the gym this morning, something I am going to make a concerted effort to do much more often.  I went last Thursday, mostly because my sister peer pressured me into going with her, but other than that I really hadn't been in months.  Exercising really does increase your endorphins, or whatever scientific thing it is that it does to make you happy!

c) I stopped by the British consulate.  I was unable to speak to anyone official - the visa office is, apparently, always closed - but the guy I did speak to was very nice and helpful and called to talk to the official person upstairs (whomever he may be) on my behalf.  The answer from upstairs was pretty much exactly what I expected: I just have to wait.  This could have massively bummed me out, but I decided I wasn't going to let it.  I decided to think, "I did something.  I could have sat on my butt and been frustrated by the consulate's seeming inaction, but instead I got up and went out and did something.  I went to the consulate.  I asked for answers.  I didn't get any, but I was proactive, and that's what matters."  I'm still working on believing that, but I'm getting there!

d) Jon and the boys are going to look at properties tomorrow.  We will be moving in early August (fingers crossed) and so we have about six weeks to find a place, which is plenty of time as the London property market moves.  Jon's showed me a few of the properties online, and they look very promising.   I'm sad I won't be there, but excited that they're getting a start on the process.

Those are four happy-inducing things.  I like these four things.  Yay for these four things!

Happy Monday to all of you, too!

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