Saturday, June 12, 2010


Did you watch the USA/England World Cup match today?  Jon and I had quite a fierce text message battle going on during the game.

Jon @ 2:36 - You want to turn the TV off now x
Betsy @ 3:13 - Oops, your bad.
Jon @ 4:25 - Probably the best result for our relationship x

In case you didn't watch, what our exchange narrates is the goal that England scored in the first five minutes, the USA goal that English keeper Green let slip through his hands just before the end of the first half, and then the outcome: a draw at 1-1.  It was a very exciting game to watch, if frustrating at times.  I have to admit, soccer/football is one of my favorite spectator sports.  It's so easy to get into the game!  I don't know what the draw means for the rest of the World Cup or US/English relations, but I can say this: thank God we didn't lose!

If you did watch the match and were confused or if you plan to watch future matches and need to bone up on your soccer/football rules, let me point you to The Onion's Interactive Introduction to World Cup Soccer.  It's very funny - and sort of true!  (Thanks, Jon, for sharing.  Your condescension is very sexy, really.)

I did a whole Polyvore board to try to find red/white/blue clothes and accessories to wear to watch the game, but then I realized that England's colors are red and white and so I'd blend in with any unlucky England supporters who happened to be in the bar.  I redid the board when I learned that the USA players would be wearing white and blue.  This is what I came up with:

World Cup

Love the military buttons on the dress - a good way to remind the English that we beat them in 1776 and 1812.  The sunglasses are classic Hollywood, and the Michael Kors bag is pure Americana - love how structured it is!  And it can fit my life, which is nice.  The shoes - well, I guess they're part of the militant look.  Mostly I just like them, even if the only Kurt Geiger stores I have ever seen have been in England.  (Oops.  Sorry, America.)

And if you're wondering: no, I wasn't conflicted while cheering for the USA.  The UK is being very inhospitable to me, and so I had no desire to cheer for one of the countries that makes up Great Britain!  Humph.


  1. May-Beth DelacourtMarch 23, 2013 at 12:49 AM


    Oh, right. So the Americans burnt down London a bit like the British burnt down Washington? And the USS Chesapeake didn't strike its flag to the more lightly armed HMS Shannon after only 14 minutes engagement?

    Dear Heavens, the myths some Americans like to comfort themselves with! And as America continues to lose its prominence in the world it will probably get worse.

  2. Jon refuses to believe that the Americans won the War of 1812 also! But when we argue about it - as when I wrote about it here - it was all in good fun. Obviously the banter didn't come across in this post.


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