Thursday, May 20, 2010

More on Visas

My visa application has been delivered!  FedEx told me so on Tuesday.  And - bonus - I got an email on Wednesday from the visa office in New York confirming the delivery and saying that they were beginning the process and that the estimated time it takes for them to make a decision is 5-10 business days but that as soon as they've made a decision they'll email me.  Efficiency defined.

I have the visa website bookmarked on my laptop - I check it all the time to make sure I haven't misunderstood any of the directions or explanations! Just in case you're curious, here's the breakdown of visa processing times according to the website:

Of the 66 Tier 1 applications processed in February, 65% were decided within 2 business days, 72% within 3 business days, 84% within 5 business days, 90% within 10 business days, 93% within 15 business days, and 100% within 30 business days.  Let's say it takes an extra three days for the visa to be mailed after the decision is made.  No, let's not - Betsy, stop trying to do math - simmer down.

According to my friend Helen, though, it generally takes 4-5 weeks if you apply from the UK, so I'm almost definitely in good shape no matter how long it takes.  (It's all relative, right?)  Of course, this is all assuming I get the visa - yargh!

Now that my passport is out of my hands this is all starting to seem very real.  I'm already making plans for June overseas: a day at Lord's, a weekend in Dublin, nights at the Blues Bar, a wander around Shoreditch with Jon to find artwork for our flat/house,  crashing the honeymoon of the soon-to-be Mr. and Mrs. Justin Neal, dinner at The Old Brewery in Greenwich... the possibilities are endless!

And without a good ending for this post, I will just take my leave of you.

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