Saturday, May 1, 2010

May Day!

Happy May Day everyone!  (How is it May already?  I feel like just yesterday it was mid-February and we had three feet of snow on the ground.  Yikes.)  I'm glad it's May - it's one of my favorite months - but the fact that time is going by so quickly is making me nervous.  I was supposed to apply for my visa on Thursday, but I still haven't received those two documents.  I called Royal Mail and they said that my certificate was in customs in the US, which USPS says is possible, but customs counts as foreign ground so it's not USPS' problem, and I can't call Royal Mail back until Monday to open an inquiry.  Expletive.  I had my biometrics taken on Thursday and they're valid for two weeks - if I don't get the documents by 13 May, I basically have to start the whole visa process over again.  Adding to my frustration is the fact that I naively/optimistically/stupidly already bought my one-way ticket to London for 1 June, so if this takes too much longer I'm going to have to pay to change the flight (it is a transferable ticket, thank God, but still).  Yargh!

I think I need to remind myself about happy things.  It's going to be in the 80s today, so I can finally lose some of my winter pallor.  (Don't worry, I'll slather on the SPF!)  I might hop down to Georgetown to faire du lèche-vitrine.  Plus, I found the best blogging spot in the house: on the porch in a rocking chair in the sun!

 I hope you all remembered to say "white rabbit" when you woke up!

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