Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Brown and Cameron and Clegg, Oh My!

I've been reading up on the impending elections in the UK, which are scheduled for 6 May.  (I always feel like "impending" should be followed by "doom."  Maybe that's appropriate in this case?)  This blog has good resources for the elections - check it out if you're curious.  I took a test on one of the websites listed there, and it turns out I agree most with the Liberal Democrat party.  (And I'm not alone, according to this article in the Times.)  Yes, it's true I can't vote, but that won't stop me from being indignant whenever the government does something I don't like once I get there!

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  1. At least you can't vote. I can and don't have anyone to vote for - I've looked at the policies and taken those tests and I can't agree with 50% of the policies of any of them!


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