Sunday, August 2, 2015

Summer in the Bishop's Garden

During the school year, I head up Mount Saint Alban to the Cathedral pretty regularly - for evensong when I need to think or pray, or when I want to do a hill run, or when I know the Bishop's Garden will be particularly beautiful. Sometimes I take Charlie for a wander around the Close just because I'm feeling nostalgic about my childhood, and I was last there around graduation time, when I drove up after dinner one night in early June. I sat on the East Terrace, my school at my back and the Cathedral in front of me and the waning moon bright in the sky, and just wallowed in seasonal melancholy. It was lovely.

Jon and Charlie and I drove up last Saturday morning to take advantage of the gorgeous day and to get some of Charlie's energy out. (We were planning on spending a few hours later in the day at the pool and so wanted to leave Charlie napping at home while we were gone. A tired dog is a happy dog, you know.) Out first stop was the newish Open City outpost in what used to be the Herb Cottage for coffee and a Nutella waffle and then, fueled up, we explored the Bishop's Garden in all its summer splendor. Such a beautiful morning!

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