Friday, September 4, 2015

Connecticut Bound

Jon and I are heading up to my grandparents' place in Connecticut this weekend, and I'm so looking forward to getting away. We've been on exciting day trips through the summer, but we haven't gone for a real vacation since the Shenandoah Valley over Memorial Day weekend - a few days in Litchfield County sounds like bliss.

I actually haven't been there since summer 2012, when Sarah and I spent a weekend in Connecticut with our grandparents, but I'm eager to make the most of the house and of the uninterrupted time with Nana and Pappy. Jon's been up before - we stayed there the first time he came to visit me in the States, and I have really special memories of him meeting my grandparents and getting to know my family better on that trip.

If only we could go for a whole two weeks, like we did when when I was younger! But alas, adulting is hard, and a long weekend will have to be enough. Can you believe the weather we'll be getting? I'm definitely packing my bathing suit and my running kit. I predict 90% of the weekend will be spent outdoors! (Jon's happy about the sun not just because it means pool time and long walks, but because it also means I won't drag him antiquing.) We'll spend a bit of time in Litchfield so we can share some more Revolutionary War history and I might bring him to Washington Depot, where I first discovered the Redwall series at the gorgeous Gunn Memorial Library. Nana and Pappy will also be taking us to a camber music concert one night, which will be lovely! Ah, I can feel the work week melting away even as I type.

Jon and I are both packing our bags this morning and we'll set off after work in just a few hours. Side note: creating a Polyvore board of what you're packing is an excellent way to realize you have, in fact, overpacked! Here's what's in my bag for the weekend:

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