Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Bake Off Bake Along: Frangipane

With the ongoing renovations to our building and the related logistical hopscotch that we're playing - it's too stressful for Charlie to stay in our apartment with construction crews coming in and out, so he and I are spending large chunks of the week with my parents in the 'burbs while Jon holds down the fort in DC - I haven't been able to do much cooking. This past weekend, though, the three of us camped out at home, and I got my fill of braising, breakfasting, and, happily, baking.

That's right, dear readers: I'm back in the competition for the Bake Off Bake Along hosted by Amanda and Ala! This week's signature challenge, the frangipane, was perfect for Rosh Hashanah, a Jewish holiday when we eat apples and honey to welcome the sweet new year on which we embark. I used a Williams Sonoma recipe but made mine with phyllo dough (as I couldn't find any puff pastry at the supermarket and didn't want to use pie crust) and was delighted with the resulting light and flaky tart.

May your year be as sweet! Shana tovah - have a wonderful new year.

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