Friday, August 14, 2015

A Not-So-Frock Friday

Remember a few weeks ago, when I was all excited about buying a drawstring dress from Loft using some credit (and a birthday gift card) I'd received? Well, dear readers, I was excited - so much so that I went to four different stores over the last month to find even one of them in my size.

I failed. And I had to use the money in-store, so purchasing online wasn't an option.

So, instead, I bought two linen tops, one short-sleeved and one sleeveless, and I've been wearing both nonstop since I got them. When I sorted out my shirt drawer earlier in the summer, I realized I had to trash quite a few tees and tanks that were either more stained or more holey than I'd wanted to admit, so I'm actually counting these as "need" rather than "want" purchases to replace the ones I threw out.

white top / pink top
I do still have $20 left, so I might run into another Loft or three before the end of the month (when my gift card expires) to pick up something a bit more frivolous. If I were responsible, I'd get a plain white button-down, but I'll definitely skim the sale racks for dresses!

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