Sunday, June 28, 2015

An English Summer Outing in Old Town Alexandria

At the moment, Jon works occasional lates plus at least one shift every weekend (and this weekend he's pulling a double). Because I'm 9-5 and have frequent evening events, we can wake up on Saturday morning having only spent about 12 hours awake together since Monday morning, so the time we have together on the weekends is especially precious. Nothing, not even bad weather, can get in the way of making memories when we're both off work!

And boy, did we have bad weather yesterday in the DC area. (We measured 2.75" inches of rain in less than 24 hours by the end of the day!) Jon's attitude, though, inherited from his British ancestors, is that "there's no such thing as bad weather; only bad preparation," so we clipped on Charlie's leash, grabbed an umbrella and a towel, and set off for Old Town Alexandria. When we stepped out of the car and started walking down King Street, Jon beamed. "Ah," he said, blinking away raindrops as I buttoned up my sweater. "A perfect English summer day!"

I hadn't actually been to Old Town in a few years, but Jon and his family took the ferry over from Georgetown and spent a lovely day walking around back in April, so he played tour guide and we wandered through the picturesque streets to the river and then made our way up to a food and wine festival before calling it a day, our feet soaking and Charlie panting wearily beside us. We were only out for a few hours, but we'd definitely made the most of our rainy Saturday!

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