Friday, April 10, 2015

Frock Fridays: Ballet Dreaming

The other weekend, at adult Jewish sleepaway camp, I joined a group taking dance lessons from one of of the other campers.  I ended up pairing up with the guy who was instructing us and, after we demonstrated a few steps for everyone else, he looked at me in surprise.

"Have you danced before?"

I laughed.  No, I hadn't danced before - not really, anyway.  (If you want photographic evidence of my skills at the one and only dance class I've ever taken, make sure to check Instagram later this morning.)  I just love music and, luckily, years of counting beats from singing have given me a decent sense of rhythm.  I never wanted to be a dancer when I was a little girl; I only wanted to know how to dance as much as would be necessary for my future career as a lounge singer, musical theatre star, or opera diva.

That's why you won't see my feet tapping against the plush red carpet at the Kennedy Center when I go to see The Washington Ballet's Swan Lake tomorrow, but you might catch me secretly conducting Tchaikovsky's classic score as the dancers whirl across the stage, my hands at my knees so not to distract my mother next to me, fingers gliding through adagio passages and picking out the woodwinds' notes at the beginning of the Dance of the Little Swans.

I'm not sure what I'll wear to the ballet, but if I could wear this dress maybe I'd change my mind about loving dance primarily for the music...

at the ballet


  1. That dress. Oh!!!!!!! Love at first sight!

  2. Love that dress! Let me tell you, after dancing for 18 years, rarely do the real ballet costumes look so nice and comfy! I still have some of my old tutus and I wish I could somehow repurpose them in a way that wouldn't make me look psycho :)

  3. i LOVE that dress. so beautiful

  4. I know! I don't usually like ASOS (no idea why...) but I'd order for this dress :)

  5. haha yeah you went way beyond my definition of "necessary" to be a singer. you have SKILLZ, woman!

    and I WILL! I will I will! I have so many thoughts about it to gather.

  6. I believe that! The princess/peasant dresses had skirts sort of like this, but the swans' tutus were works of engineering. I can't even imagine how they're made!

  7. perfect for a southern summer outdoor party? ;)


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