Saturday, March 7, 2015

Purim Party Palooza!

NYE 2008

When I was in college, I had the most amazing animal-print sequined dress.  I have no idea what occasion was my excuse for buying it in the first place - not that I needed an excuse because it was absolutely fabulous - but I'm not ashamed to say that I wore it for any and every occasion, costumes encouraged or not.  Hey, I lived in New York City before the Great Recession and I was an invincible undergrad!  It's a miracle I didn't wear that dress to class.

I'm not sure what happened to the dress after NYE 2008, the last time I wore it.  I can't imagine that I donated it or trashed it; I'm hoping it's stashed away somewhere in my childhood bedroom.  Even though it's at least two sizes too small for me right now, I thought of that dress earlier this morning while planning my outfit for tonight's Purim party.

Purim is a festival celebrating yet another biblical story in which a bunch of people tried to kill the Jews but failed.  (I blogged about the historical/religious side of Purim last year.)  These holidays are usually marked with feasts, but Purim is sort of like the Jewish Halloween: we get dressed up in costumes, make a lot of noise, and drink.  Tonight, a few friends and I are heading out to Sixth & I's Purim bash in downtown DC, and I used that fantastic dress as my inspiration for my fantasy outfit...


  1. I just read about Purim 15 minutes ago and shared a post to Facebook! I loved learning a little bit more about Esther and Vashti, and I wish Christians celebrated the story of Esther like Jews do. She's such an amazing woman who doesn't receive enough attention, IMHO.

  2. In college I had a plaid skirt that had that sequining all over it and like you I wore it any chance I got!

  3. I need more sequins in my life. Full-stop. x


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