Friday, February 6, 2015

Frock Fridays: Galentine's Day

I've never seen an episode of Parks and Rec.  Jon's been trying to get me into the show - he redoubled his efforts after attending a Tenants' Association meeting at our apartment building and realized that art really does imitate life - but, Chris Pratt's awesomeness notwithstanding, I don't have time for a new obsession.

I do, however, have time for a new holiday, so when Megan asked me to be her date to a Galentine's Day party I said yes in a heartbeat!  The invitation asks us to "dress up somewhere between bachelorette and holiday party attire... so if you've been looking for an excuse, this is a great time to bust out that fabulous sparkly dress."  I don't have sparkles but I do have lace, so I thought I'd repurpose the dress I wore to Camilla's birthday last weekend for a DC bar!  What do you think?

Galentine's Day

dress (not available online; similar here and here) / earrings / sweater / tights / clutch / flats


  1. parks and recs is such a fun show!! ..although weird i cant get into this season. anyhoo loving that dress! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  2. I love Parks and Rec but I can see why it would be difficult to get in to at first. xx

  3. Sadly, I actually own nothing to wear so I'm going to be slumming it slightly :)

  4. When you are having a snow day or something go ahead with Parks and Rec and you will be happy you did!

  5. Yes! Based on your instagram, that dress is fab on you. Also, I love Parks and Rec! This season (their last) has been so so good. I'm also from Indiana, and I love all the small Indiana touches they do. For instance, they always have Upland beer in the background on tap. It's a real southern Indiana brewery. One of my friends from college is Upland's VP of Operations, and they flew a bunch of Upland employees out to be there for their finale shooting. He got to meet Chris Pratt. Very cool.

  6. Drop whatever you are doing and watch Parks and Rec (Start with Season 2, a la "The Office" because Season 1 is pointless. Until you run out and want to watch new eps, then go back to S1. You'll appreciate it more later)


    Galentine's Day can wait!

  7. Trust me- you have time for Parks and Rec!


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