Tuesday, January 20, 2015

And Now, To Blog 2015

Nike long-sleeved shirt (similar) / race tank / Nike leggings (similar) / ASICS sneakers (similar) / Garmin

Oof, dear readers, I didn't mean to take nearly three weeks away from blogging!  But it happened and it was good and so I can't feel bad about it, even just to myself.  Every time I started to think about feeling guilty, I thought about how I hate it when bloggers apologize for taking breaks.  I mean, we all know that life is happening - that's why we blog and that's what makes our blogs full and vibrant, right?  At least, it does when we do actually blog.

But I'm rambling.  Let me tell you a little bit about what's been going on!

Jon started his new job the day after we got back from Christmas.  It's not what we thought he'd be doing (or what we planned for) but it's a job and, moreover, he's really loving it.  He's still consulting for the company in London that he worked with before he moved over, but he was going a bit stir crazy after three months of being home all day and he's thrilled both professionally and socially to be out in the world again.

Charlie, of course, is totally bereft; he no longer has a constant companion with him in the house.  However, we were lucky enough to re-secure the dog walker I used before Jon immigrated, and she's absolutely fantastic.  She's from an employee-owned and -run company called Brighter Days Collective and I can't recommend them enough.  (We've had a couple of substitute walkers from the same company when Whit has been away on holiday and they've all been great.)  I remember once, soon after I was laid off in summer 2013, Charlie and I ran into Whit walking another dog in the middle of the day when he and I were on our own walk.  He was so excited to see her!  That made me feel good.  If you live in DC and are looking for a dog walker or pet sitter, definitely check them out.

And I - well, I'm back into my normal work routine!  After the rush of end-of-year fundraising, which is always manic, plus being away from the office for two weeks and then returning as everyone else was either sick or off on their own holidays, I love that we're all back and the normal rhythms of the theatre have been rediscovered.  That doesn't mean things aren't busy, which they are, but they're the kind of busy in which I work well.

We are still navigating our new schedules; since Jon is doing shiftwork and I have my usual evening work events and, you know, we want to maintain our outside friendships, we're trying to practice flexibility and understanding!  The time we do get to spend together (awake) is at a premium, and we want to make sure it's quality time even if we're just relaxing at home.  A weekly date night is absolutely still a priority for us, though!  And, on top of that, I've started training for my spring races - a 10k on March 1, a 10 miler on April 12, and a half marathon on May 3 - and am still trucking on with Weight Watchers.  Phew!

2015 is off to a great start.  I'm so looking forward to blogging it with you!


  1. I feel like everything is finally starting to fall into place for you (and Jon!), and I love it! :)

  2. You guys sound so energized! Best wishes for all the running training and WW!

  3. Your lives together are together are really taking off! Is it difficult of Jon to still do consulting with his old firm whilst working a new job now? x

  4. Yay for your races! I'm excited about finally doing some races in 2015 after last year doing hardly any :)

  5. Love hearing how great things are going!:)

  6. I'm so happy to hear that you're training again! You are totally inspiring me to get in shape and kick butt. Plus, I love your pink top!

    Seriously, it's so good to see a blog post from you!

  7. Sounds like such a great start to 2015! I would love to be a dog walker, I think that sounds like such a lovely job :)

  8. Good luck with your race training! and with date night planning, it's so fun that you guys keep an official date night :) Welcome back to blog land

  9. There's nothing wrong with taking a blogging break! It's great that Jon has started his new job and likes it. That's so important.


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